News about the microwave thruster developments

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2017 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop on October 4-6

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Aerospace America : Fuel Free space travel

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AerospaceAmericat February 2017 : Fuel Free Space Travel

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Asteronx : An Explanation of the EmDrive and Cannae Drive

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Centauri Dream: Close Look at Recent EmDrive Paper

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DARPA funds developing Quantized Inertia into breakthrough space propulsion

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Willem Staal

EM-Drive to Proxima Centauri

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Willem Staal

Gilo Industries Group: Something they cannot yet talk about

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International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 68 - Tajmar &al : The SpaceDrive Project-Developing Revolutionary Propulsion at TU Dresden

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Willem Staal

Michael S. McDonald of US NRL : Thrust Measurement and Error Analysis of the IMPULSE Resonant Microwave Cavity Drive

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NASA's EMDrive And The Quantum Theory Of Pilot Waves

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New Patent Application: Rotating, self-excited, asymmetric radio frequency resonant cavity turbine for energy storage and power production

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NextBigFuture: China’s Emdrive in Chinese TV propaganda

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PBS video about the EMDrive.

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propellantless drive gets niac phase-2 and progress to great interstellar propulsion

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Willem Staal

Science Et Vie (French/français: ) : EmDrive : le moteur spatial qui rend fou​

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The SpaceDrive Project-Thrust Balance Development and New Measurements of the Mach-Effect and EMDrive Thrusters (negative)

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Theoretical Physicists Are Getting Closer to Explaining How NASA’s ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Works

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TouTube; Dr. David Hyland, Director, Space Science and Space Engineering Research at Texas A&M University presents "An Epitaxial Device for Dynamic Interaction with the Vacuum State." (U.S. and International patents pending)

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