News about the microwave thruster developments

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Non Newtonian Propulsion

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​Experiments by the group of Martin Tajmar (TU Dresden) rule out anomalous laser-based propellantless thrusters as theorized by McCulloch and Taylor by many orders of magnitude.

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Scientists Just Killed the EmDrive

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NewtBigFuture: DARPA Laser Version of EMDrive Has a Test Result Better Than Commercial Ion Drive

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Willem Staal

Shawyer at UCL Lecture: The Technologies of Hope

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Harold White joins a new nonprofit focused on building the technologies to bring humans to the outer solar system and beyond

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Actual Em drive in a space plane??

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Willem Staal

NewScientist: NASA engineer's 'helical engine' may violate the laws of physics

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Willem Staal

EM drive has been tested

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EmDrive propulsion finaly be put to the test

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Willem Staal

latest test Shawyer

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Willem Staal

shrivenham presentation mid februari 2019 Roger Shawyer

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Another Sputnik event coming soon?

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Let there be light!!!

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The SpaceDrive Project-Thrust Balance Development and New Measurements of the Mach-Effect and EMDrive Thrusters (negative)

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DARPA funds developing Quantized Inertia into breakthrough space propulsion

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Willem Staal

propellantless drive gets niac phase-2 and progress to great interstellar propulsion

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Willem Staal

YouTube: SSI: Space Studies Institute Published on Jan 31, 2018 Dr. Martin Tajmar, "The SpaceDrive Project: Progress in Testing and Modelling on Mach-Effect and EMDrive Thrusters."

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Willem Staal

YouTube; SSI: Space Studies Institute Published on Jan 31, 2018; Glen "Tony" Robertson, presents "Entanglement Drive Analysis of the Mach Effect Thruster."

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YouTube; Marc Millis Founder of The Tau Zero Foundation Former head of NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics project Co-Editor of the book “Frontiers of Propulsion Science”

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