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Shawyer at UCL Lecture: The Technologies of Hope

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Harold White joins a new nonprofit focused on building the technologies to bring humans to the outer solar system and beyond

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Actual Em drive in a space plane??

1 +1 14,148

Willem Staal

EM drive has been tested

3 10,729


EmDrive propulsion finaly be put to the test

2 +1 9,332

Willem Staal

latest test Shawyer

2 +1 9,747

Willem Staal

shrivenham presentation mid februari 2019 Roger Shawyer

0 +2 5,410

Another Sputnik event coming soon?

1 9,427


Tractor beams

0 2,471

Overview of the Current State of Understanding of the EMDrive

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propellantless drive gets niac phase-2 and progress to great interstellar propulsion

6 +1 12,641

Willem Staal

World's first continuous room-temperature solid-state maser built using diamond

2 11,758

Willem Staal

Critical assessment of the validity of EM-Drive experimental claims and supporting theories.

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New experiments gives more hope

1 4,518


a amateur theory about the emDrive

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