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Quantized Inertia theory explained in video by Anton Petrov

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Towards a New Concept of Closed System: From the Oscillating Universe to the EM-Drive

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Michael McCulloch Decemper 2018 Paper: Propellant-less Propulsion from Quantised Inertia

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The SpaceDrive Project-Thrust Balance Development and New Measurements of the Mach-Effect and EMDrive Thrusters (negative)

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Roger Shawyer at Technical University Dresden 11th July 2018

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Willem Staal

NextBigFuture: Sonny White at Eagleworks scaling EMdrive experiments to 400 watts (and proposes a Bohmian theory)

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Willem Staal

NextBigFuture: The SpaceDrive Project – First Results on EMDrive and Mach-Effect Thrusters

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Willem Staal

Crowdfunding: World Em-Drive Team

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Next Big Future: Pilot Wave theory suggests Trumpet shaped Emdrive would have more thrust

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International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 68 - Tajmar &al : The SpaceDrive Project-Developing Revolutionary Propulsion at TU Dresden

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Willem Staal

NextBigFuture: China’s Emdrive in Chinese TV propaganda

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Michael S. McDonald of US NRL : Thrust Measurement and Error Analysis of the IMPULSE Resonant Microwave Cavity Drive

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Asteronx : An Explanation of the EmDrive and Cannae Drive

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New Patent Application: Rotating, self-excited, asymmetric radio frequency resonant cavity turbine for energy storage and power production

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IBtime: Could EmDrive save the planet from a world-ending asteroid strike?

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R Shawyer of SPR Ltd : A short presentation on Third Generation EmDrive

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IOPScience: Michael Mc Culloch on MiHsC theory: Testing quantised inertia on emdrives with dielectrics

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Willem Staal

Gilo Industries Group: Something they cannot yet talk about

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Defence Academy EmDrive presentation by Roger Shawyer

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Evgeny Podketnovn & Giovanni Modanese... Light Interaction with Gravity Impulse... THE IMPULSE GENERATOR

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