2017 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop on October 4-6

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    • 2017 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop on October 4-6


      Centauri Dreams wrote:

      Registration is now open for the 2017 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, which will be held in Huntsville, AL on October 4-6. The title for this year’s conference is “Step By Step: Building a Ladder to the Stars.” The registration page is here, and if you’re thinking of attending, I recommend registering right away, as spaces filled up swiftly the last time around. This year’s TVIW will take place in partnership with the Tau Zero Foundation as well as Starship Century, which has already produced two successful symposia of its own.


      Harold ‘Sonny’ White is to chair day 3 of the workshop, with Kelvin Long taking day 1 and CUNY’s Roman Kezerashvili taking day 2. White’s presence will give the opportunity for those interested in his latest EmDrive work to learn and ask questions. I haven’t seen him since we ate cheeseburgers sitting around the swimming pool at the Dallas Starship Congress meeting some years back. I’ve enjoyed being at several conferences with Kelvin, and remember Roman Kezerashvili from the Aosta conference in Italy where I first met him. He’s a rigorous scholar and an engaging conversationalist. It will be interesting to see how this crew finalizes the lineup of presentations for the upcoming event.
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