a amateur theory about the emDrive

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    • a amateur theory about the emDrive

      A amateur theory about the emDrive


      I will try to explain it as i see it.

      A spaceship makes use of the mass of a large object in order to develop speed after the internal combustion engines have done their work. This we all know.

      The EM drive uses the same principle, only at the atomic level. In the EM drive a electromagnetic wave is converted into a heat-wave within a single phase.
      Therefore electrons are activated. Within such a phase there is no room and time to have a phase transition, so the momentum of this phase results in exited and directed electrons in the copper and will be transferred outside the frustrum where they can escape.

      Copper is a good conductor and is a fairly large atom so there is room for the electron to get the phase momentum until it escapes trough the outside of the copper frustrum before it is converted by the phase transition into heat. Within the frustrum the wave is a microwave, and probably (minor) heat outside. The shape of the frustrum then takes care of the dispersion of the waves.

      The large plate has more direct atomic momentum escape than other parts of the frustrum and pushes with very small amounts the EM drive away in one direction.
      A new patent is a superconducting version made of copper oxide where they also added a concave shape into the small end of the frustrum will improve the effect.

      There are of course many more electrons available for energy transfer because this one is made from a compound made of yttrium, barium and copper oxide.

      this was my approach to explain this device, i sure hope im on the good direction..
    • Hum,
      you still work in usual physics, which conserve momentum...
      You could indeed eject electrons, but charge of the engine would change and it would create a current, quite noticeable.

      in fact anything looking like newtonian or relativistic physics conserve momentum.

      Only way to allow EmDrive is to propose something that classical or relativistic physic don't propose.

      If I understand well shawyer, he propose that the speed of light which determine it's momentum is not a constant but the group speed of the wave, making it change in the Emdrive.

      MiHsC quantized inertia propose that conservation of momentum, energy involve also information, inside the accessible universe...

      The problem if you requires to break physics, is that it works very well most of the time, so the differences should happen only in exceptional conditions.

      Shawyers says it happen only in high-Q asymetrical cavities, and MiHsC says at low accelerations....

      you theory remind me one scandinavian(?) physicist theory proposing that polarization allow virtual photons to get ejected but not really...
      I did not understand the theory...
      Basically there is a family of theory which says EmDrive eject something.
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