EM-Drive to Proxima Centauri

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    • EM-Drive to Proxima Centauri

      A Deeper Future View

      SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 BY ADAM
      EM-Drive to Proxima Centauri


      "The alternative is if the EM-Drive proves to give even higher thrust levels as higher microwave cavity Q-factors are achieved. Then high acceleration, at 1 gee levels, become reasonable. But can we adequately shield against the proton barrage of the Interstellar Medium as we approach the speed of light? Magnetic fields may afford some protection, but we’ll need massive shielding to absorb any x-rays produced by the medium as it is violently thrust aside via our fields. Interstellar dust will pack a punch, thus precursor shields that smash the dust into ions will be needed and will need constant replacing. Is smashing around close to lightspeed worth it?"

      How about combining with a LENR
      Magneto-Plasma Propulsion Systems!!!



      free-energy.xf.cz/cf/George_Egely_-_Nano_Dust_Fusion_v7.pdf ;)

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    • One trouble at a time, once we make it goes faster than a rocket, we will study how to manage extreme speed...

      Today, stabilizing a satellite would be our Chicago Pile moment.
      Once people accept EmDrive because of evidence, engineers will work on details. :thumbsup:

      for LENR with EmDrive, it seems a natural combination, but like EmDrive it needs to be accepted as a mainstream technology.
      In fact the most natural combination is solar cell, because it need no mass for energy, but it is restricted to near solar zone.
      “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
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    • I agree with alainCo, no rush is needed now, implementing the Em Drive in local sattelites will be a major boost already.
      If we want to travel out of our solar system, we have to deal with communication and steering.

      How can we communicate with a rocket that far away?

      Controlling a Rover on Mars is already a major task, and interstellar communication is not solved by faster chips and smarter electronics. It has to be a new approach.

      We playing with space travel for just 58 years, so we have lots to learn yet. We can't afford a interstellar rocket get lost in space on its first trip..

      i recommend, solve local space travel first.

      Oh, and i want a flying car!

      IMHO this must be the first thing on the list (I'm getting tired of traffic jams!) ;)