New experiments gives more hope

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    • New experiments gives more hope…ok-a-little-more-possible

      Apparently they observed a much smaller amount of thrust than previous experiments—about 20 micronewtons—but they also note that the most recent experiments are much more sensitive and involved a higher degree of dampening. They even detected thrust when they weren't expecting to, during a test with the engine inverted meant as a control experiment. 20 mN in space is quite a big deal to be honest, no wonder the Chinese are extremely interested.

      I guess the tests are still based on the 1G version of the EM Drive, but i cant wait to see results based on version 2G and even better G3!
    • If they get positive in situation where they should not see, it is problematic.
      The bad side is that it may be unaccounted artifact. The good side is that it may show the theory is wrong.
      It is very hard to say what is wrong when you don't have a definitive theory to refute or confirm...
      You can easily refute an artifact theory, a broken theory, but what if you have just an anomaly and nobody propose a matching hypothesis, embryo of a theory? what if the theory is wrong, but the anomaly stubborn?

      McCulloch when this experiment was published found it coherent with his computation. It have to be checked independently, and I hope he is right.

      Tajmar seems a very strict experimenter, good for the domain.

      (NB: it is from 2015)
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