Crowdfunding: World Em-Drive Team

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    • Crowdfunding: World Em-Drive Team

      I just found this website proposing a crowdfunding of EmDrive research

      It looks enthusiastic and human sized, with a californian address, and a yet to come address in Las Vegas...

      As Usual before puting money, even love money, it is rational to make a due diligence, and at least know the people.

      is there someone here who can tell us more ?

      World Em-Drive Team wrote:

      We want to combine passionate, everyday people who have a natural curiosity about their world to our project. We believe we have a blue print to create a fleet of inexpensive space probes that everyday consumers will one day purchase and launch into space for educational and entertainment purposes.

      Who We Are:

      Meet The Team
      [Blocked Image:]
      Curtis Hedges (Co-Founder)
      Is a Bboy pioneer, an accomplished filmmaker and technologist with a strong manufacturing focus on mobility, aerospace, industrial components, and virtual reality.
      Learn More
      [Blocked Image:]
      David Distler (Co-Founder/Engineer Lead)
      Is an engineer with a focus on electrical and mechanical applications. His curiosity and gumption made this project possible.
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      [Blocked Image:]
      Richard Hoagland (Partner/Consultant)
      Is an Author, Radio and TV personality with a strong science background who worked as scientific advisor correspondent for CBS during the Apollo mission

      Our team is expanding. We are looking for you to join us!

      We have already created an inefficient, yet working EM-Drive engine. It has been tested and measured at a private undisclosed residence.
      [Blocked Image:]
      The opportunity is to make our EM-Drive outer space worthy by increasing its thrust and testing it at a competent laboratory while approaching the manufacturing of it and its components with the consumer in mind. Making a space drone that everyone can buy and launch into outer space within a reasonable cost is on the horizon with the creation of our EM-Drive. Other applications such as hovering technology becomes possible with a more advanced version of our EM-Drive.
      “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
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    • I have got an answer from Curtis Hedges, who answered me with enthusiasm (permission to quote) :

      Curtis Hedges wrote:

      Thank you for reaching out to me and for sharing our website with the right crowd.
      We are looking for everybody to join us in this endeavor.
      We are going to open source everything we discover along the way.
      Further more we are establishing ourselves as a non-profit and making our book keeping public to foster a real platform were everyday consumers can send their own robotic EM-Drives into space for exploratory and entertainment purposes.
      Getting into space is the easy part as I have established several relationships with rocket launch companies throughout the world who are offering payload space on future launches, some later this year.
      We just lack the funding to pull this off which roughly comes down to $100K per EM-Drive drone sent into space.
      I am reaching out to the public in an effort to crowd fund this endeavor for everyones immediate benefit and potentially send 5 EM-Drives into space at a tune of $500K.
      Sharing our website is just as good as donating as far as I am concerned and I sincerely thank you for that once again. I want all the other EM-Drive teams, groups and interested parties to take part and join us as one human force. I appreciate your time and I look forward to your involvement, anyway you see fit.

      Kindest Regards,

      The plan is ambitious, but it is driven by real peoples with real passion.

      If you can help, it seems you will be welcome.
      “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
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