Asps PNN (Propulsione Non Newtoniana) tests which in our opinion violates action reaction principle

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    • calmagorod wrote:

      To tell you that together with my collaborators if we keep the mosfet always powered by solving the problems of heat dissipation and also those of the batteries and impedance, we will attempt to take off F432 and maneuver it in a first attempt like a drone.
      I'll open a special thread on this project as soon as possible
      Do you use Lateral Double Diffused MOSFETs? And how do you manage the heat dissipation in the coldness of space?

      BTW my italian is not that good..
    • >Do you use Lateral Double Diffused MOSFETs?

      Amplifier on plancia have a single mosfet

      >And how do you manage heat dissipation in the coldness of space?

      First only large plancia in Al make heat dissipation.
      Subsequently, a vertical aluminum structure was added with a thermostat to disconnect the power supply as soon as 50 degrees Celsius was reached
    • Per Aspera ad Astra

      On March 5th ASPS held a demonstration of PNN thruster F432 specifically made for a private enterprise. The parts signed an observation protocol written on the basis of ASPS assessment procedure. It’s important to underline that they haven’t signed a collaboration contract for the industrial development of PNN, but they “just” shared a set of generic agreements for a reciprocal safety. For privacy reasons I won’t publish the enterprise name.
      But how did the roadshow go? Here’s a brief account of the highlights of the event:
      Out of 4 planned PNN tests, 3 have been improvised since there were problem with the data transmission from the Kern scale to the computer.
      The first standard test based on this procedure:

      was on the rocker arm pendulum, where the power supply of the prototype (batteries) didn’t exceed 320 W. The test was positive.
      In a consecutive test, still on the rocker arm pendulum, the coaxial cable has been tilted by 180° (Laureti never attempted this test before), and F432 went nuts since the polarization of the transmitted e.m wave has probably been altered. Even with this inefficiency in the two tests that followed the prototype (after it has been detached from the rocker arm pendulum, its coaxial cable approximately retwisted and then hung again by its short coaxial cable) gave the right thrusts ad 0° and 180°.
      Thanks to the cable shortening and the possibility to use the heavy primary amplifier instead of the one on Little Cart, the power supply could reach 600W (always at 432 Mhz). The prototype was rather overheated but fortunately it didn’t break.
      The person sent by the enterprise to assist the event stated that he remained favorably impressed by the demonstration and he told ASPS that (before any financial development) he would like to repeat the tests using a spinning bushing (used in radars) in the point (the crest) where the coaxial cable runs in the box that contains the prototype. Said bushing has been already retrieved by ASPS.
      However, Laureti stated that the prototype has suffered thermal stress for a year and therefore it has to be redone with new and more efficient materials, especially with better, low loss, coaxial cables. In fact, after the tests he opened the prototype and he could observe that various insulations and supports of the inner structure were almost carbonized by the extreme irradiation, and the carbonization alters the insulating properties of the materials.
      For the above mentioned reasons Laureti decided to create a new prototype to reduce the risks and the inefficiencies during the demonstrations . Therefore he’s already working on a variant called F432H variant (where the H stands for Hybrid). Further details about the device are confidential at the moment.
      ASPS request remain unchanged over the years: fundings and sharing of patent and projects for an industrial development of the technology.

      More precisely: the counterpart must allow ASPS, always if the PNN test in enclosed box have been considered convincing, to have its own means to commercialize the PNN, EVEN if the financial counterpart disagrees. If an agreement is possible, said counterpart won’t be impeded in its commercial activities related to PNN but it MUSTN’T FORBID NOR IMPEDE THOSE OF ASPS.

      In short, if a potential financier is interested in PNN it must let ASPS (in other corporate form) free to sell the PNN engines on its own without interfering.
      At the moment the counterpart has not taken a decision yet, therefore everything is postponed after the construction of F432H. However, Laureti recently hinted that the enterprise who attended the roadshow isn’t the only one interested in PNN.
    • ….sed eo magis acrem
      inritat animi virtutem, ecfringere ut arta
      naturae primus portarum claustra cupiret…..


      With a Kilopower Reactor…leare-test-successo-nasa/

      in few days ( action reaction violation produces much non linear laws of motion)

      by this new PNN Prototype

      More details in next issue of Nova Astronautica ( n.160)
    • Progress in PNN Commercialization:


      Da: XIAO Lihong [mailto: …………………….]

      [i]Inviato: Venerdi 3 maggio 2019 11:35

      A: Asps Manager

      Oggetto: PNN project and Patent

      Dear Asps Manager

      It was very pleasant meeting you last week at the Hilton in Milan and we would

      like to confirm our interest in the project PNN / NNP based on Prof. Laureti

      studies and prototypes. After our internal meeting regarding Investments we

      would like to confirm you that we are very interested in buying out the technology and the related

      patent, also we will be doing all the necessary experiments and

      implementations even in collaboration with our Russian partners to make

      experimentation in microgravity in the International Space Station.

      From Corporate side, we must tell you that Patent is a must and without it we

      won't be able to make any investment.

      Please consider as we discussed that we manage a 4.7B Investment Fund directly

      and that we will be able to valorize your patent.

      Looking forward to hear from you soon.

      Best regards, XIAO Lihong

      Asset Manager Europe Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

      Bank of China Tower[/i]

      From:Nova Astronautica n.160 April-May-June 2019
    • Xiao Lihong

      Executive Director
      Bank of China
      Non-executive Director of the Bank since August 2017. Ms. Xiao Lihong has been serving as Inspector of the Current Account Management Department of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (“SAFE”) since April 2014. She was Deputy Director-General of the Current Account Management Department of SAFE from September 2004 to April 2014. She served successively as Deputy Chief of the Current Account Division and the Non-trade Foreign Exchange Management Division of the Supervision and Inspection Department, and Chief of the Business Supervision Division of the Current Account Management Department of the SAFE from October 1996 to September 2004. She graduated from the China Central University of Finance and Economics in August 1988 with a Bachelor’s Degree, and from the Central University of Finance and Economics and Peking University in September 2003 and July 2012, respectively, both with a Master’s Degree.
    • In Nova Astronautica n.161 Vol.39 July-August-September 2019
      There are two photos (on a computer) of the weight variation (upward thrust) of a PNN prototype on a scale.

      As I could verify in other previous tests, it seems that its law of motion violates the II principle of dynamics, contextually violating the principle of action and reaction.
      The thrust seems to be increasing with the increase of time
      and go from 360 milligrams to 1400 milligrams in about 4 seconds
      The event seems non-linear.
      Needless to say, the law of inertia also changes.
      As mentioned above, changing the laws of Newtonian motion with PNN is essential to have the possibility of interstellar flight.

      I reserve the right to check everything again with other tests and with other materials when we have the opportunity to obtain a loan to work better.


    • As soon as possible a fundraising will be launched based on PNN (Propulsione Non Newtoniana) with the title : “ Permanent human outposts on the Moon and on Mars through a non-missile propellantless space propulsion”

      PNN prototypes will be given as gifts to donors .

      PNN propellantless prototypeswith relative manual and accessories to remove any doubt.

      Here any info about PNN :