Asps PNN (Propulsione Non Newtoniana) tests which in our opinion violates action reaction principle

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      The commercial development of PNN (Non-Newtonian Propulsion) also includes the historiographic and communication activities carried out by ASPS since its foundation (1979) both with materials and equipment largely used first for mechanical PNN and then for electrodynamic PNN.

      The objective of the PNN and Commerce is to finance the development of research and experimentation on the current Non-Newtonian Propulsion which is only electrodynamic, because it is the only one working

      PNN is extremely necessary now given that missile astronautics has demonstrated from Apollo 11 onwards that it is not even capable of placing a permanent human outpost on the Moon (let alone Mars).

      The essence of the possibility of placing permanent human outposts is in fact given by the essential ability of the means of transport to "DO NOT" LOSE MASS OF REACTION.
      For physical limitations the missile is in fact obliged to carry with it the mass to be expelled otherwise it will not move.
      A blatant example is Apollo 11, which returned to Earth from the lunar journey with not even 1% of the total starting mass of Saturn V.
      From this we understand the total fragility of the new NASA-Musk lunar project called Artemis.
      Human outposts on other worlds can only be implemented through reactionless drives or propellanless drives.

      The site for the commercial PNN will be explicitly made for NOT pleasure ... because it is based on its basic characteristic: the anti-form and the anti-appearance or two assumptions that have always been repeated and that never understand and understand the superficial contestants of the PNN.
      It is not a praise of ugliness but of what PNN is made of:
      PNN IS IN fact based on what nobody sees in the field of electrodynamics because if they saw it they would have found PNN.

      But to understand this one must not appreciate neither the shape nor the appearance or to move away from the deviant deception of "PRESENTING YOURSELF" ... which in practice is also understanding the essence of the two maxims of Lao-Tze

      - What is beautiful is not true ... what is true is not beautiful

      [i]-Excessive application to visual impressions blinds the ability to see

      [/i]- Work in progress currently on
      where you can buy only what has a price

      Probably in October 2020 a patent ofF432 will be filed and PNN know-how showed.

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