ending EMdrive? How many results will the lightsail 2.0 experiment have?

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    • ending EMdrive? How many results will the lightsail 2.0 experiment have?

      How many results will the lightsail 2.0 experiment have?

      Prediction of experimental results of guangfan 2.0

      If it is divided according to whether the thrust is generated or not, it can be divided into two types: with thrust and without thrust

      No thrust is easy to understand. Like a flashlight emitting light, the thrust generated by it is very weak, because the light is generated externally in all directions of chaos and cannot produce effectively measured force. Even with ultra-high power laser, the measured thrust is of no Aerospace significance. The result of no thrust is great, and its significance is to tell us that this road is impassable.

      Lack of thrust may also be another reason, design error. But why do you say that? If we set the standing wave length to about 380000 kilometers from the moon to the earth. Microwave or electromagnetic wave round trip takes 2.5 seconds. One end of the standing wave emits infrared radiation, which is much less than 2.5 seconds. In other words, the directional generation of radiation will bring the thrust of the other end. This is obvious and inevitable.

      If thrust is generated, trouble will come.

      The experimental results obtained the magnitude of the thrust, which perplexed me to write out the experimental idea. Unless the radiant energy is equal to the work energy of the thrust, or the sum of the two is equal to the microwave output energy. A slight deviation of one hundred million. This experimental device will become an energy machine, that is, a perpetual motion machine or an energy black hole that is criticized every day. Sincerely experiment with emdrive is equivalent to lightsail 2.0. As a result, after too many rigorous design measurements, it may be the failed light sail 2.0, or it may have been measured that the thrust is the value of light sail 2.0, and its maximum thrust is two orders of magnitude of the input energy, which is more than 100 times. This is equivalent to saying that guangfan 2.0 is a big rich man. If you give it a dollar, it will give you 200 yuan equivalent. The same RMB purchase value is 200 times. Isn't this an energy machine? After strict experimental measurement, even if one unit energy is input, the experimental device can obtain two units of energy. The energy is in the form of infrared radiation at one end of the standing wave and kinetic energy at the other end of the standing wave. These are energy machines. It is equivalent that energy will be continuously generated from the experimental device. That's why I don't think emdrive can get a huge push. I think the inventor is lying.

      In other words, emdrive is either a subspecies based on the principle of guangfan 2.0 or a farce. When the experimental results of guangfan 2.0 come out, the measured force determines whether the emdrive farce can end. But to take a step back, when the principle of light sail 2.0 can explain the expansion of the universe, then the universe expands at the speed of light. Where does the power come from and where will these power go? If light sail 2.0 can explain the power of cosmic expansion, why not borrow some energy from this power?

      Prediction of experimental results of guangfan 2.0

      Just like dark matter and the big bang, if you can find a reasonable dynamic law. And apply it. Human beings don't need any nuclear energy or solar energy. Using these laws, you get a steady stream of energy, and today the expansion of the universe has been accelerating.

      If this experiment can generate thrust, even if it is less than the light pressure, which is only a few tenths of the light pressure, the light sail 2.0 still has aerospace engineering value. If the light sail 2.0 generates thrust, even if it has only one billionth of the output and input deviation, it will open the door to heaven or hell.

      Prediction of experimental results of guangfan 2.0

      No thrust? This is also a farce. Maybe you designed it wrong.

      In order to make you better understand the structure and principle of guangfan 2.0. Let's make a hypothesis first. Two opposite light sails aim at each other and emit laser in space. Both light sails can reflect laser. Once emitted, the laser will go back and forth in the middle of the light sail until it is annihilated in a vacuum. These two light sails will be able to obtain great acceleration. In fact, there is no such light sail, because time and space are curved and light sails cannot aim at each other. There are two similar light sails in nature. For example, two stars can be regarded as two light sails, and the stars get the power to stay away from each other. These two light sails can also be regarded as two galaxies and two galaxy clusters. These two light sails are two abstract points of these giants. When these two points are accelerated by the light shooting at each other, they will continue to accelerate. After infinite years, these two points similar to light sails will be away from each other at an approximate speed of light. If these two points are the ideal light sail, the mass of the light sail will increase and the space-time around it will bend. If the star collapses, the distance between them will be larger. If these are two galaxies, it will produce the expansion of the universe we observe. If these two points are galaxy clusters, they will produce galaxies farther away from us, and the faster they move away from us.

      If you can understand the above paragraph, light can change time and space, and the change of time and space can make matter move.

      If you only let light move in one direction, that's the principle of light sail. The principle of light sail 2.0 is similar to the principle of cosmic expansion. Light or electromagnetic waves go back and forth between two points. One point gets one-way acceleration, and the other point gets the same acceleration, but the speed is opposite. Turn the acceleration of one point into light emission, and the other point can move forward. This is the principle of light sail 2.0.