Martin Tajmar Talk

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    • Martin Tajmar Talk

      Last week I were in the lucky situation to attend a public talk/presentation by Marin Tajmar about gravitation research and "exotic space propulsion systems". [Blocked Image:]

      Here I want to share my expressions:

      Tajmar is a very good speaker and a very congenial person.
      You can feel his enthusiasm and that this research is his life.

      He first gave a general introduction about gravity and masses, and that it is actually possible to get some type of mass (piezo crystalls) to "behave like negative mass" which resulted in a working lab prototype of the Mach effect thruster (guess you heard about it [Blocked Image:] ).
      He said that a new paper about his Mach effect thruster prototype, which was already replicated by several labs all over the world, is currently in the process of peer review of a major science journal and should be released "within a year".

      He also talked about the EM Drive and his findings which were published a while ago. He said that his theory about the EM Drive effect is, that it is also a Mach effect, but on the electromagnetic level (he compared electomagnetism vs. gravitoelectromagnetism).

      Here it became (obviously) interesting, because he said that he has "very promising" new findings and results, but he is yet not allowed talk about them because he's currently working on a new peer reviewed paper covering this new data.
      He said it should be published within a year and we can expect that space exploration will totally change over the next 10 - 20 years.

      So nothing really new so far, except that he was visibly excited about his new EM Drive results. [Blocked Image:]

      And, last but not least, he talked about a small fusion reactor on which he is currently working with good results.
      Summarized I would say we should keep an eye on this guy. Good things to come from him [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]